The trees outside are dancing in a prescient Autumn wind. Green limbs move in intricate unison, tall trees sway with the natural rhythm. Birds come to the birdbath and one after another jump in, shimmy around, their wings splashing water all around. The chickadees wait in an orderly line. Two bluebirds, of a kind not usual to this house, cut in front. They have strong curious eyes, and seems to enjoy the fresh water with delight.

A cooler day, a day in which whatever spiritual fog had rolled in these last few days has now rolled away. Ti feels a clean day, a whole day, where one could contentedly sit and stare at the dance of nature all around, cup of tea in hand without feeling the urgency of more transient endeavours.

“Ah, yes,” the soul says, this is it, as a taste of heaven comes in the breeze.

Worship comes forth, unbidden, celebrating the delight of the Creator’s hand. All may not be settled on this morning, nothing may be settled on the day, but all is indeed well.