I thought it was Mars. Bright red light, much brighter than anything else around. Clearly red.

Apparently it’s Antares, at least as far as I can figure on consulting my astronomy program. Huh, how about that? There was wind today, between 4 and 6 in the evening, the rest of the day was hot. A squirrel has built a nest high in the cedar outside my window here. The pines are gone, and they’ve moved on.

This was a bland day, a day where I researched, and realized I needed a library for more research (which will be taken care of on Saturday). I did some errands, going down to the village, and even traipsing through the various shops. I’ve never done that, but for once which a friend had a camp hereabouts. She took a break along with her other teacher friends, and we shared a meal at the Waffle place… which is a Lake Arrowhead kind of waffle place, not the kind you see along the 10 freeway.

Still, the day was bland. I did laundry.

Creeping depression tried to make its way into my soul… but I saw it coming and know it for what it is, so while I feel it, I don’t particularly take it seriously. That’s something I suppose.

And so, a bland entry, for a bland day. The fun of writing… representing reality through words.