This was a day I didn’t notice. Not completely, and really I’m only speaking about the weather. I didn’t really pay attention to how the wind was blowing, or the clouds. I did notice the tree I planted, with dark green leaves, a richer shade than the pines and cedards. It seems content so far.

I also noticed the birds on the lake, a few of which I’m sure were turkey vultures, another two which I’m fairly certain are ospreys. White body, black wings. It could be something else, but I don’t have a picture of the wing shape to look at, nor do I remember them if I did.

This day almost escaped me. I almost didn’t write, I almost didn’t spend time outside. Only at each point of a decision I took a step out and did what was right. Last week I made the opposite choices, and felt the inner turmoil begin to burn.

That’s the way of the moral life. Big decisions are inconsequential. By the time we get to them we have already defined who we are through the continual and constant decisions of daily life.

The Didache begins with a desription of the path of light versus the path of darkness. A wonderful, detailed list. Each moment of our lives is filled with deciding the direction we walk on these various paths. Too much of one, and we begin to reflect its reality in the core of our being. Balance the choices and we become lost within, nothing, of little worth.

Each decision makes us choose the path we want, who we want to be… even what seems to be minuciae. It adds up.

So, I end the day a little bit farther down the path of light. To be sure I’m not quite in the market for a veil yet, but, I’m closer than I was this morning.

That’s all I can ask of myself. Of God I ask more.