A blah day, a day of frittering, with the only slightest bit of redemption coming from the fact I sharpened a first chapter and sent it on its way for perusal.

Morning frustrations, in which a simple planning become a complex orchestra exacerbated by a computer system not quite working, but making all indications it was, so that the fault all seemed mine when it wasn’t. That and hot weather fairly did my mind in.

Usually I can snap myself into productivity. Not really true for today. I was a mild bit depressed, feeling the weight of waiting, earnestly praying to see light on this dark path that God seems to have led me down. Pray, and have others pray, and follow your heart… it should work out at the end. But as I haven’t come to the end, nor even to a marker, I go through times of worry.

It is best to bury myself in work, or seclude myself in my room. Only I can’t seem to quite cut the ties, not socially, and certainly not in the the economic burdens debts command.

So I sit on the shore, between two worlds, in neither, in both.

Certain days it all becomes a heavy weight. Today is one of those days.