Keep the sliding door shut. That’s my lesson of the day. Opened it to clean offthe various leavings of nature , and forgot to shut it, and forgot to put out new seed. The jays know where to find it. I hear a pecking behind me, near my closet, and on my floor sits a jay, poking at the bag of seed.

Now not as surreptious as he would have liked he flew out. Hot weather prompted me to open the door again, again the jay snuck in, and back out the same way. I put out seed, as the bird watched from a branch.

Turns out he didn’t want that kind. Again in the afternoon he was back, pecking at the critter seed which the jays tend to love more than the critters.

One, I don’t think the same one, even went for a couple of laps around my ceiling before flying back out.

He was quick, so I didn’t really see him, only hearing the fluttering of active wings above and near my head, before turning and seeing a dark blue flash go out, land on a branch, looking thoroughly mystified.

The jays are getting out of hand. Not quite as bad as the woodpeckers down the street, but close. And there was a woodpecker eyeing the place, and tapping on the cedars.

This was day of editing, editing. And seeking to recover focus, though on an over eighty five degree day which lessens the odds.

I also didn’t eat until after the sun went down, haven’t done that in a while, and not sure how it snuck up on me today. Part of the plan, I suppose. Which plan is the question I don’t know.

So, sharpening the prose, trying to write something in a different style, hoping to appease an editor, wanting to be popular in style for opportunity, trying to retain some literary sense for integrity. Not sure I’m able to do either, but have nothing else to keep me busy.

Realized also that after this last weekend I had fairly decided to be done with social events until my own life pans out a bit more, and find every weekend from now to all saints filled with a party or gathering or some such event.

The person whose party I went to last weekend wrote a reply to a note I wrote saying, ” Hope life is hip-hop-happening for you in a serene, theological sort of way.”

I don’t really know how to interpret this. But like most of our attempted conversations it is almost meaningful and fairly awkward, so I suppose it’s alright and fitting.

The politics thing didn’t pan out, as I watched it and read about it throughout the day. It must have been the heat. At least I have something to show for my time. Is winter coming soon? I need cold weather again.