Ever have a day in which it seems that nothing quite goes right? And when I say that I don’t mean things become disasters. I really mean everything is almost, but not quite right. A couple of hours of work… at the end noticing a simple, correctable flaw. At least simple and correctable had it been noticed at first. Plans change because of some slight notice, that was obvious, but one doesn’t notice. Throughout the day this happened, making me end with a day without any ‘product’. That’s a disappointing day. I didn’t even go kayaking, or running.

Almost focused, waking up on the cusp of genius, and finding my mind taking flight in scattered directions. Not like an eagle, like a goony bird.

Scattered, almost, just about… words of the day. I know it is my fault, only I don’t know at what point I missed the boat. The RNC began tonight with rousing, and dare I say funny, speeches. Had that on in the background while I once again worked on a task, not quite getting it to work out as I had hoped.

A coyote announced itself just outside my window, barking, crouched, and not particularly caring who else was about. Calling for its mate I imagine. It is an eery sound, and more so when one watches it under the dull light of a full moon.