The streets here are very well laid out, conveniet for the passage of the moon. It rises through the trees on one end, and sets down on the other side, passing in front of the living room window all the while. I squinted my eyes, and I think I saw a tiny flag near one of the shadows. I’m a very good squinter you know.

Sirens erupted early this evening causing the usual canine cacophony, and making me feel a little nervous. Sirens used to have an intriguing quality for me. Living in a city I became used to their regular passage. Since the fire I become watchful, hoping they do not portend another trauma for the mountain. (That I actually have good memories of those several weeks stranded is a curious sign of my own personality… coming alive at moments of stress).

A squirrel was in a tree an hour or two before that. Not an unusual sight. It was climbing to the ends of the oak branches, making me worried it might fall, while all the while being harassed by a steller’s jay. I’m not sure what mischief it had gotten into, but it had all the appearance of a juvenile in over their heads and looking for a way out.

The two little beasties went out of my sight behind a fuller cedar, so I don’t know the outcome.

And me? Too wandering today, too easily distracted by the vagaries of the blogosphere, and its peculiar mix of unintelligent intelligence. This, as I’ve said several times before, is like the dark side of the force to me, entreating me to spend time in worlds which beckon, only to reveal an emptiness at the end. Politics is wonderfully interesting to me, the problem being its bad for my soul.

Not the voting bit, or the choosing my stance on an issue or candidate. It’s the obsession bit, the wallowing in minutiae to strike a slightest point, having to engage in systematic hypocrisy so as to be able to support my candidate when he does ‘it’, but vociferously attack an opponent when he does ‘it’.

Spending time (wasting time?) like this reminds me of my true calling, and why I am here. The emptiness of other pursuits drives me back to the source of filling, which is only found at those times and moments I earnestly pursue those tasks which seem divinely prompted.

These are also great reasons why it is very good for my soul that I didn’t end up becoming a lawyer as I intended. I think I would have lost my soul in the process, even if I was doing some fine work.

Who’s to say. I am here today, with a mystery role, and only have now to sleep and wake up tomorrow to try it all once more.