The cool summer continues today, though it seems like this day will get a bit warmer than days past. There does seem to be less animals about, the outside zoo of yesterday has become more settled.

I woke up with thoughts of writing stirring around in my brain, and haven’t stopped until those thoughts found release. I’m not sure if they are quality words, but that is often more a measure of continued editing than initial typing — a fact this page could likely benefit from at times. For the most part I feel like a beginning tennis player who knows enough to hit the ball back, and occasionally will make a great shot. The goal is to make these great shots more purposeful and regular, then I’ll know the game.

Also tumbling about it this head of mine are thoughts about evil and people. One of the trickier aspects of ethics and spirituality to get ones hands around is the fact that very good, very loving, very earnest people can at times be used as tools of darkness, or worse. They are seeking light, but for whatever reason seem trapped into being easy tools which fight against light. These people destroy themselves, and others, all the while having a veneer of goodness, a veneer which even they think is real and deep.

The condemning of sin or wrongdoing too often either makes us reject a person as wholeheartedly evil, or makes us embrace someone as good who should be kept at a distance. There is only discernment to tell us the right response… which of course why the reactions of Jesus to various folk is so often confusing and even contradictory. He knew what he was dealing with, and with wisdom we can as well. For while the enemy is bad, no one is more destructive than a friend or family member who is not truly fighting with or for us.

Reacting to evil is easy. Responding to those who carry evil while seeking good is quite a trick. But, it is something which we must learn, for confusion can reign if we do not.