The cool air is a delight and surprise. It feels fall, even thought August has not yet ended. I woke up early, and sat for a while, not doing a thing, letting my mind wander over fields walked and thoughts considered.

It didn’t take long for me to realize there was a latent depression forming withing my soul. Like a weather forecaster keeping an eye on the developments of a tropical depression, I take stock, look around about and within, and try to prepare for the possibilities. It could dissipate, or it could develop into a storm. The chances of a hurrican are slight these days, fortunately.

Coming back I am faced again with the uncertainties which never quite resolve themselves. Light shines for a moment then disappears, becoming bright once more, but in a different spot. I wander after these lights, waiting more specifically for dawn where all and everywhere is light.

Nothing severe in my soul at present, merely questions put aside for a bit are clamoring again for attention, and I feel their weight.

Patience and prayer are my weapons now, only they feel heavy and cumbersome.

I’ll wade through this day, and pray I wake up tomorrow feeling delight and hope once more. The plan is to jump into the tasks at hand regardless. So, today will be spent in simple recovery and easy restoration.