Waking up and seeing trees, feeling the cold mountain air, seeing chipmunks run along sapling branches was a nice reminder of why I like mountain life. Deserts are beautiful, in their way, but mountains draw my soul.

I wrote a bit this week, and I’ll use those thoughts to spark some more. Tonight I’m a little tired, still trying to settle back in, and doing so by finishing off a book about Wyatt Earp which doesn’t exactly turn my thoughts back towards my now present concerns. I suppose I’ll have tomorrow to pick up my ancient sources once again and get my mind back focused.

In reading this book, however, I was again struck by how things do not change over the years. Present political issues find expression in events of a hundred years ago, with Democrats and Republicans occupying similar ideological spots.

I’ll likely write more on this later. It is why I like history, however. Understanding one time is almost impossible if one doesn’t understand trends and patterns which reflect the common human experience more than the peculiarities of a specific place and time.