I realize I’ve falling into some bad habits. It’s not so much the intentional actions as much as unintentional inaction. Regular rhythms of spiritual discipline have fallen by the wayside, to be replaced by what? Nothing. I note this not because I feel guilt over not praying as much, or reading enough, or any of the other tasks. I note this because in my interactions with others I feel spiritually parched. The flow and resonance of the Spirit does not seem to echo from within. I feel the drain and loss of trying to be one who walks as everyone else, rather than one who walks with the Spirit.

The reality as well is that I won’t be able to create a renewed rhythm tomorrow. I’m off for a week, to a curious place, with my brother. It should be fun. And… it may be a burst of change which allows for a wonderful focus next week. I want to attack my new project, but I think I need this.