There was a wind when I woke up this morning. It continued throughout the day. I didn’t use the wind for any purpose, didn’t even gaze at it for any length of time. What it meant to me was cooler weather. That is a lovely thing.

Some days we are called to focus, some days we are called to release focus. Some days we release when we should focus, and yes, some days we focus when we should release.

I wasn’t terribly focused, though did move forward in some ways. And yet, it was fine.

I chatted a lot today, online mostly. Often this is a waste. Not today. Several people were around, and I was as well.

No important information was shared, no earth shattering news.

Only it was right, and I don’t know why, and I may never.

Can’t do this everyday, the days of focus are vital. But that’s the lesson of discernment. There are no rules, except the fluid response to the Spirit. There is no law, but within the Spirit all is rightly done.

Growing spiritually is a lot like sculpture. The chisel chips away all around, attacking at different angles, not finishing one spot perfectly before going to another, but instead releasing the figure over time, all together.

A different angle today, and while it is true that not all is perfect, and some aspects should be considered as missteps, it was right and good, and God is working in me, and in others around.

We share these things and it becomes a dance, a glorious, wonderful, eternal dance.