A raven cawed from a nearby tree. I couldn’t see it, so I went outside. It was near, the call echoing off the side of houses. I walked further up the driveway, where pavement becomes dirt. The raven called again, down the hill, closer to the street, hidden in a tree. I kept walking.

Another called, straight ahead, where a dry runoff is filled thick with trees. I stopped, and turned towards the street. The raven called again, the one I passed answered. A raven to my left, a raven to my right. I walked south, down the hill, not noticing the stones and twigs biting into my bare feet.

I stopped again, the raven to my right flew down, in front of me, onto a tree. The one to my left called, announcing itself, alerting the forest.

A squirrel was stopped halfway down a cedar tree, pattering its foot against the trunk, chattering. Another squirrel in the distance did the same.

I kept walking down the path, towards where the dry runoff goes under the street. Raven to my left, raven to my right, cawing at each other, squirrels chattering, tapping on trees. I kept alert, my eyes scanned all around.

Another step. Yes, there it was, a coyote sauntered out of the brush in front of us, crossed the street down into a small valley.

The ravens followed, cawing. I stared for a moment then went home. The squirrels kept chattering.

And I got to a renewed bit of work, something left off and now re-engaged. Finding contentment in being in tune with nature and my soul.