I let the darkness descend without response, enjoying the waning light, and waxing stars. The shadows of sunset lingered until well past eight, and I lingered all day until right now.

All the animals were busy outside, the birds were fluttering about. I wasn’t.

I stayed still most of the day and read for a bit, played a computer game for a bit, and generally did nothing.

Pushing sometimes results in getting nowhere, sitting still lets the mind wander back to golden fields, where seeds planted now grow tall, waving in the west breeze.

I may not press onward tomorrow, for my soul, my mind, my being needs the realization which comes from release, which comes from letting go those things I hold so tightly despite myself. The anchor has been thrown out, and I am pummeled by the crashing waves, rather than floating with the current.

To drift is not bad for a time. One might find direction anew.

Little was done, but I end the day with the thought that much was accomplished. The miracle and genius of the sabbath.