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Date: June 29, 2004


I stepped outside once today, and that only for a second. Seems a shame. It was a beautiful, no, gorgeous day, with a wonderful wind rustling the branches and leaves, a constant whoosh.

I kept on stumbling around today, finding moments of focus, moments of lapses.

There was a rather long, very deep nap which came upon me after lunch. I rarely nap, and never that deeply. It was a sleep filled with odd, random dreams, none of which I can remember.

This nap had the feeling of an overnight sleep, only for no more an hour in length.

Until late tonight, then, that pretty much did me in, the grogginess keeping my heart and mind shallow.

It was a day I should have gone running. But, it is done, and there is tomorrow, a chance, always a chance, to regain focus and take further steps forward.


It is a delightful thing to look to my right and see chipmunks scurrying around the trunk of a cedar, chasing each other, then having a jay, dressed in bold black and blue, land on my balcony, announce himself stridently, then proceed to eat.

The sun is out, but it is not hot, a cool breeze blows bringing cheer in feel and sound.

I woke up very early this morning, and got to my work, but still feel a struggle to write.

There are ups and downs in writing, and while there may be times in which less comes out, it seems it is better to plod through rather than stop. There is no benefit to stopping, so I’ll do what comes, trying not to slide into the path of not caring, or not considering.

This record does not have worth in the daily contributions, it will gain worth in the long term of daily thoughts, where I can see the flow, discern the movements in a broader way. Which makes pressing on the most vital contribution of all.

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