The sun crests the hill, three chipmunks dance together through the saplings, as though they appreciate my noticing them these last weeks, and have a daily performance.

While a delight to be out and about this last weekend, it is also a delight to be back, to delve again, to be where I am supposed to be (even if I don’t know why). I see people who I haven’t seen for a while, and love seeing them, while at the same time feeling strongly there is yet more growth, more progress, more learning ahead before I rejoin the ranks of the regularly social.

What is fun is that this is not burdensome. I wake up this morning excited again, ready to get at it, renewed in heart and soul by the break, and wanting to start work once more.

I miss the palpable response of everything I do, but feel like diligence is the only door to walk through right now, faith in the unseen, built upon steady advancement, my part I can play in the wider field.

So, now I begin, my thoughts not settled yet enough to ponder spiritual depths. Back to my cell, where, the monks said, everything can be learned.