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Date: June 25, 2004


A day which began fruitfully drifted into a day with more rest than productivity. A sabbath day of sort, not the modern kind filled with activity and responsibility, the ancient kind, where I didn’t do much, didn’t go far, and let my mind drift away.

Half moon high above soothes the soul. The quiet of the night, especially quiet for a Friday, eases the body. The smells of the forest waft by, and I feel the peace of where I am.

As long as I don’t consider too far ahead. But that is indeed the lesson to learn.


The birds are flittering around, the squirrels are foraging, chipmunks scurry through the saplings, and I returned to my regular schedule.

A cool breeze in the air keeps the temperature cool, though the sky is completely blue, and the sun is in its summer phase. Chickadees move sideways along the striated trunk of an incense-cedar.

I awoke this morning feeling ready to move on, get back to the usual patterns, and press forward in the ways which seem presenting themselves. All this morning I felt the return call, pressing me forward so that I can rest in the presence of the living Spirit.

It feels like I’ve finished a part, an important part, and now I am free to continue onwards. I feel content with life, eager to see what comes, eager to be patient so that I can continue to mature in relative quiet.

So, this day begins.

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