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Date: June 10, 2004

Construction noise through the day, and even into the night. Trees coming down nearby. Not the quietest of days. And for me neither hot nor cold.

A bland day, a day of recovering my schedule, of figuring out my time, of waking up too late and realizing why I hate doing that.

I should have gone kayaking today. I didn’t. I should have at least gone running. I didn’t. Yet, all in all, it wasn’t a bad day. Spiritual issues arising all the past week seemed to have eased, my heart was at peace, even if my will was not all that strong.

The alarm clock is set for tomorrow, a rare thing I do when I need to snap myself back into a preferred schedule.

All is well, and I need to not become lax.


Late nights mean late mornings, disrupting my schedule, throwing me off track. Ah, well. The irritations abound and now they seem to have been quelled. There are different lessons to be learned when life takes on a more frantic flow. I sense I shall learn those lessons at some point. Now, my habits of tranquil existence leave me not quite adept at managing my time when this time is pressed.

I carry on, back to the way which is right for now, not worrying about the bumps in the road.

Tree cutters are busy down the street, loud saws and voices. Yet in this yard, chickadees chirp quiet and sweetly, ravens are active cawing (what seems to be their ‘where are you’ call for their mate) and flying by. It could be they are bothered by the tree cutters, or it could be there is another little bit of adventure for them this morning. The last few days of fog and quick moving clouds are replaced this morning by a blue sky, bright sun, with only the barest hint of mist in the sky. It is a cool, Spring day, full of life.

Whether a test or not this week has been filled with one little bite after another. I waded through it all with a jovial attitude, thrown off in my schedule but not in my heart. That is a victory of sorts for me. Perspective of an eternal nature asserting itself in my heart.

Now I have to get back on track, and catch up, and look ahead. All is indeed well and good.

I begin now by continuing to look outside, where a mother and baby chickadee sit on my balcony. The baby’s wings flutter, it is unsure about flying, looking a little bewildered by life. The mother goes about her business, enjoying the day, with the baby following her flight. It flies to a branch, wings a flutter. A leaf falls from a high oak, the baby jumps off the branch, follows it down, curious about falling leaves, curious about everything in this wider world.

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