A chipmunk scurried over the woodpile, through the branches of fir and cedar saplings bunched together, down to the ground, over by the stairs. He scurried along, out of my view, looking intent, purposeful. I wondered what he was up to. So, I got up, scurried away from my desk, by my bed, to the my stairs. I continued down, past the couch, looking out the front window, to see if maybe he was getting a drink. He wasn’t. So, I continued on, into the kitchen, and looked out. There he was, gamboling with two friends. The three darted about, up and down stairs, to the deck, off the deck, by a cedar, away, nibbled on some grass, dug in the ground, chased each other, paused to eat some seed. Three, maybe a family, small chipmunks, thin tails swishing when they stopped in the sun, their black and white stripes easily seen. Good fun.

I woke up feeling frantic. Not terribly so, just a little darting around myself, much like the chipmunks. The internet connection wasn’t working, an early bother I did not bother with, letting me focus more exclusively on the present tasks. Which I did, most effectively.

I don’t know why I feel this way, driven to move forward, driven to attack the present issues, come what may. It is like a fire has lit, and I’m pressed forward, with or without my accession.

So, that is my present state as well, moments of consideration interrupted by other tasks, such as overdue yard maintenance , drive me back. Coffee, thickly made, also encourages the state. Ah, but it will be a day of progress, methinks.