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Date: May 20, 2004


The cool wind blows, the stars emerge in the night sky, hidden by light, though with a patient eye they reveal their presence. There is a comet in the west, northwest. I stood and stared, and do not see it. It is either hidden by a tree, or where lights from less watchful neighbors shine direct into my eyes. Ah, well, I shall find another spot and seek it out tomorrow.

There is always a mild depression when I finish a project, or mostly finish in this case, the twice perfect number has not yet been achieved. I feel glad to be finished, it appeals to my lazy side, and yet, even without expectations I feel emptied. Ah, well, I know to expect it.

This is the evening in which friends would satisfy, nearby, convenient wishers of well. Ah, well. I would not be writing at all if I was where friends were convenient.

I sit here pondering my own mind, trying to recapture those various thoughts which passed through during the day, thoughts which inspired me, and let me know they wouldn’t mind being considered in this forum. They gave up, impatient apparently.

Instead of weighty words of note, or not, I am left at the end of the day considering obedience. It is the only thing to consider really. It defines the one who seeks God.

Even if it leads in strange ways, down unexpected and even unwanted paths. For only at the end of that path is there going to be utter joy, methinks, a well done given by the Lord of all. If a person really believes, this reward is worth whatever is required.

I feel like there is more to say, and maybe I will say it tomorrow. I’m considering taking the day off, finding myself walking lonely paths in the forest, where only the wind can be heard. I might even bring my hammock. A sabbath is good for the soul, to be sure, and I haven’t taken a full day of peace in a long, very long while. One project finishing, another, maybe, beginning. This seems appropriate.

We’ll see.


It is Ascension Day, a day I never recognized growing up in the Evangelical Church. Sad really, but not any more. Now I do know it, do celebrate both the rising of Christ from the Tomb, and the rising of Christ to heaven, waiting now to celebrate the coming of the Spirit in ten days.

This isn’t morning when I write. I wrote other things this morning, in celebration of the occasion. I’ll do my usual bit tonight. Now, I settle in and take a moment or two away.

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