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Date: May 11, 2004


Ah, yes, on Saturday I overcame, today I frittered away. There are times in which I feel myself not up to the task before me. Not surprising really. A high and a low. The key is neither epiphany nor blandness, but a constancy of mind and spirit.


Around four in the morning I woke up shivering, my summer comforter was not enough. So I pulled up a throw that was on the end of the bed. Five minutes later I pulled up another comforter. It was cold, wintery cold. Then I slept in, at least longer than usual. Cold weather has that influence on me. Even the animals seemed a little late in starting, birds and squirrels were not to be found at their usual posts. The wind has quited down, having done its work well.

I… certainly not like yesterday. A mild morose one could say, a little distracted, a little distractable, one of those times I feel the weight of not being part of something.

So, I press on anyway. My thoughts are scattered, not resting on anything. I wonder whether it would be best to keep at it, or go out running or on the lake. I haven’t decided.

Methinks I will try for more depth later. If this is a record of my spiritual state, it certainly is an apt entry.

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