I was woken up at what I thought was the middle of the night. I turned on my light, picked up my copy of Gibbon (which has become my surprising nighttime book) and thought to read until I fell asleep again. A loud screech out my window surprised me. What was a jay doing up in the middle of the night? I stared out my window, noticing for the first time the dark blue of the sky replacing the black. I continued to read for a little bit longer, noticing how quickly the sky lit up. For some reason this all intrigued me, as did the sounds of birds whose songs were loud even over the sound of my fan.

I got up, went outside and sat for a long while, listening to the varied song birds lifting their voices. It was a very peaceful time. There was nothing new about it, only my perceptions seemed heightened.

After enjoying this, letting my soul rest in the sounds and growing light, I came in and got to work, finding my focus returning.

Kayaking, bird songs, wind, and clarification of discernment all contribute to the restoration.

So, today is spent less in wandering and more in returning to some level of focus — writing, cleaning, continuing my quest into new fields of learning.

I’m feeling rather shallow right now, to be honest, thankful for a renewal of peace, still entranced by a chickadee singing in the trees. A love day all around awaits.