I’m not going to write my usual bit tonight. I’m groggy, and tired, and just wrote what I feel were more important words, though in a more private context.

I felt, not surprisingly, the slow return of focus today, and renewed zeal. The Spirit works, and the kayaking aids. God is at work, of that I’m sure, only he is a complicated sort who doesn’t like to explain himself. Part of the fun I guess. So, a person just has to go along for the ride.

I won’t delve into it now, but I do want to add that I was reminded today more clearly of something which I always assume, only it drifts in and out of my awareness at different times. Theology is important, to be sure. But there is no law which is higher than Loving God and Loving our neighbor. Too much theology has interfered in these basic precepts. Always there is flexibility when it comes to dealing with others, with particular people. I knew this, so nothing changes, only it’s nice to write it out sometimes as a reminder.

I’m struck right now by feelings of elation and giddiness, relating oddly to what I wrote in the other context, oddly because it was not a joyful situation. But, the giddiness is not about the happy aspects, it’s about the Rightness of it all, the feeling that Oh yes, God is in control.