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Date: April 19, 2004


Ah, the evening. Yes. Other tasks filled my evening, until midnight in fact. Helping others and whatnot. More on that to come. I suppose I could have written, it just didn’t fit in. The greats always discussed being willing to sacrifice a discipline for the sake of others, for it is the people who are loved by God, not the sacrifices or devotion. There is no greater discipline than learning to see the importance of a person like God does, and we show this when we are willing to help others with tasks or needs.


What was all white yesterday morn is a again all green now. There is no indication of our little storm. The sun shine bright, and only the chill breeze speaks of the recent past. The cold air always is good for my rest, I sleep long and sound, too long. Jays screeching outside, many of them creating a ruckus, woke me up, and got me out of bed. Sometimes they screech for seed, sometimes a predator is nearby (ravens are the better indicator of this; be watchful when ravens swoop in a certain area, they follow the dogs and cats, eager for scraps), or for reasons my non-avian mind cannot perceive.

It is very quiet now, the uproar of last week has ended, the dead trees are gone from the neighborhood. I’m glad for it, and yet I don’t like having the excuse for not getting to my regular tasks. Between this and that, all coming after each other, it has been two weeks since I could settle down into a peaceful pattern. In the midst of this, though, I gained some excitement, some interest in fields I didn’t know I would ever consider. So, that is a light.I feel strong, however, the need to recover the main goal, to again grasp onto that which is the purpose, letting the secondary aspects excite but not overwhelm. Nature also calls strong, I think I shall spend time renewing my soul in its midst. Running most likely, through trails newly reopened.

For now, though, I’ll try and restore my flow, for that is my only path to peace at the moment. The road to Christ is narrow, and gets no wider once through the gate. It is a treacherous trail to God, many fall, many lose heart, basking in the fact that at least they can see the mountain. God calls for more, for us to walk to him. He gives us light and strength, hope and grace. We must walk continually. And there are many trails to God, once past the gate, only a few are paths we can walk, maybe only one. The very privileged can share their path with another, though this is not an indication of anything other than how things are. The greats walked a solitary path, as did Jesus. Who knows where my path will lead? My only thought must be on the goal, not on the present difficulties. It gets too long if we consider what is wrong. I’ve dwelled in those thoughts for years at a time, and now seek only to look ahead, to walk the trail as it presents itself, praying that it leads to a noble end. So, today, I take more steps, hopefully forward.

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