The air is clean, the water is wonderful, the trees are full and tall. There is more dirt than concrete, and needles are allowed to stay where they fall. I hear no noise of artificial environment control, no gardeners manipulating manicured lawns which no one uses. Just the sound of birds and wind serenading the rising sun. There are inconveniences in living far away from friends. There are also benefits. I much prefer to wake up to the sound of chickadee chatter than angry drivers honking. Such is the present season of my life.

Honestly, I’m a wee bit groggy now, finding myself staring off and losing my thoughts to some ethereal realm. I’m getting a cup of coffee, maybe close my eyes a little longer (it is the Sabbath… and the Passover Sabbath at that). If ever there is a day of rest liturgically, this is it. Christ is dead, in the tomb. More thoughts to come.