The trees are busy, well not the trees particularly, the birds in them. All sorts of birds, chirping and whistling, trilling and singing. For some reason all the small birds in the neighborhood are gathering in front of my window. I awoke earlier today, not as early as I would like, and lay in bed for an hour watching the chickadees, and juncos sing and eat, bouncing from branch to balcony in aerial delight. I walk outside and still the chickadees come, landing and eating within a few feet of me, not bothered in the least. I feel like a diner in the middle of nowhere which has just been visited by the bus full of hungry travelers. From empty booths to overflowing. I had to go and get more seed to put out. “More coffee,” the juncos seemed to yell. “Some pancakes here,” I swear a jay said. The sun is out, and peace is still in the air. My bird visitors have no cash, but they do sing for their food, and their songs are indeed wonderful on this spring morn. Cool mountain breezes waft by, carrying the scent of the forest through my open window. Ah… a delightful start to the day.

I awoke again last night a couple hours after going to bed. Not like the night before, however. No, I woke up and felt such a profound peace, as if some celestial being stirred me just to let me know that everything was okay. Thanks, I said, and went back to sleep. A couple hours later the same thing. I awoke, and felt like everything was perfectly right, all was at peace. Instead of returning to sleep I prayed for a while — something I always feel I should do when I wake up in the night, though I do not always do it.

This morning I feel the same peace, the same calm, my body is relaxed. I sit and stare outside with content, while at the same time excited to get started anew.

There are no particular theological insights, nor internal spiritual perspectives which come to mind right now. Just a restful peace, a continual feeling that everything really is okay. All is well, and I just have to keep taking the steps ahead of me. It is nice to bask in the valley of peace, the view is so pretty from here.