Wonderful outside, quiet, a cool breeze blows, though I feel comfortable in my shorts and shirt. The wind feels healing, comforting, restful. I could bathe in it, and to be honest, I am tempted to sleep outside tonight. I love the night air, the peace and stillness of a world gone to bed. There are few times in a populated area where quiet reigns. Though darkness has its downside, the quiet it offers is always welcoming.

My brother and sister-in-law came up today, we all shared a nice meal overlooking the lake. They are busy, I do not see much of them, though I would be fine seeing them as frequent as possible. Such is the present life, however.

That was most of my day, really, feasting, and eating too many sweets, enough to last me the rest of the month, and maybe the year.

I somehow got a little done of my usual tasks, though I reminded myself how good it is to be fine with an entire day of rest. Given my status, I give myself less rest than I did when I was working or in school. I don’t feel I deserve it maybe, or I feel like I must use every second to get myself back into the game. Sabbath though is important, for mind, body and soul. So, I remind myself gently of this tonight. It spurs me on really, for I know if I am content in what I do, I feel fine with a day off. If not… I want to keep at it, counterproductive as it might be.

My soul is at rest tonight, my spirit feeling strong, trusting the tasks are worthwhile, knowing God is with me. When I let my being relax I feel peace, when I think of the outside world, and all my hopes and dreams, I become tense. The calm of a contented spirit is my goal, in and through all things. I’m closer than I was, feeling stirrings of the beginning of maturity.

Going through Acts tonight, in addition to the resurrection accounts, stirred some thoughts, inspiring me for more tasks later. That is a gift and delight, for it says that if I retouch that passion, look again at my love, the muse inspires as always. So, to there I must continue to look, and trust all the rest will come along in time and a time.