Light rain comes down, my breath, in a cloud, goes out and up, hanging for a moment then dissipating. All around the gentle patter of drops sound out different tone, different textures, all adding to a peculiar sense of comfort. Why does natural noise sedate, while human noise frustrates? I don’t know, maybe there is some instinct within us which can distinguish a perfection in nature that humanity cannot match. All day, the weather was turning in different directions. Cloudy, then sunny, with light clouds dancing across the sky. Then, I look up and it seems like the forest is on fire, great billows of smoke come down the street. Only a cloud, however, thick and wet, pouring itself over tree and ground. A weather fun day, indeed.

My own soul was gentle, neither elated nor condemning. The anticipation or restlessness I’ve been feeling somewhat lessened, though maybe it was enough to get to some consuming tasks, and these tasks did the rest of the work. I sat and wrote, stared for long stretches, enjoying the quiet of earplug enhanced silence. The world around was busy chopping trees, I was imagining what it was like to be Simon of Cyrene, or Veronica, or just a nameless Jewish peasant watching Jesus fall.

These types of meditation are good for the soul, if the soul is ready and willing to listen.

Now I am tired, it being an hour later tonight than it is. An odd philosophical situation which Daylight Savings Time yearly forces upon us. I enjoy the bright early mornings, now I must again wait for a couple of months for their return.