All manner of flying things are busy this morning, whether birds, or flies, or bees. The air is filled with movement and sound. A light breeze, delightful blows, bringing cool air, the sun is hazy behind thin clouds over the horizon.

Curiously, I feel much the same way. I added what I hope to be another aspect of my devotional life yesterday, one that seeks to take seriously the call of prayer for my life. A year ago, I would have thought of all these things, and likely even began various tasks, hoping to restore that which I desired to have. Only now, though, after several months of persistent seeking after peace, do these things rise out of my soul. I add them not because I want to, but because I cannot not do them. It is a restoration of my instincts, not an exercise of my devotion. Piece by piece I put together this puzzle.

A day in the sun yesterday leaves me with a delightful weariness, my skin a little redder now, my body in need of fluids. So, I go a little slower today, getting to my tasks, climbing the daily rungs.

There is movement, there is progress, there is a point to all of this. However, it is not that which those who are carnally minded can perceive. Which is why I too have occasional trouble perceiving as well.

The day begins.