Everything outside is swaying in a gentle dance, waving with the rhythm of the wind. Branches move and give percussion to the air. All is quiet but for the sounds of wind through trees, a beautiful sun shines, Spring in its bloom.

And I? I am well, finding myself having disturbing dreams near the end of my sleep, but sloughing these off as soon as I awoke. Prayer and thoughts of spiritual tasks came as I opened my eyes, excited about this day, ready to take on that which is right and good.

Again, with all things well, I feel little push to write my heart, more eager to move on to other things, tasks which I am eager to pursue. Some I’ve done already, pushing back writing this, and even now think of those things, my creativity blooming, though not in the way which I thought or even want.

So, this I keep short, to say all is well, hoping to engage more thoughts throughout the day, and ponder mysteries anew this evening. It is Spring, it is gorgeous in these here hills, and for these reasons and more, not one to be spent gazing at the glare of a computer.

May peace stay and blossom.