Dark again, later than I would like. I’m off to bed, hoping for another early morning.

This morning went as I had hoped, a ruthless re-engaging with my called task, and I felt the inner surge of joy which came from such momentum. I shall press on the same tomorrow.

I continue to seek to pray, continue to walk in a way which shows I am not settled, trusting in the nudges of the Spirit, and hoping I hear right. I can do no more, only I wish I could see more than I see. The broader narrative is beyond my scope, and I only know limited parts. So I do and do, not knowing why, feeling my way around in what is dark. At the end of the road, I’ll see, I know. The only way I will be able to look back with honor is to be able to say I did all I knew to do. I can not be asked more than that.

I feel good this evening, cautious, but good. There are many things afoot I think. I must press on.