I’m sleepy right now, more so than usual, cold medicine taken earlier has started to gain sway, my timing for writing this off, but for good reasons. Outside… it’s dark…. what more should I say. Of course, it’s night and is supposed to be that way. I’m also guessing it’s still with only a slight breeze blowing branches and the like. Maybe a dog is barking. I don’t know, I haven’t gone outside recently.

The coyotes, I do know, are very brazen these days, one must be watchful. Though they are smart and flee from human aggression. Not because of fear really, only they know the consequences of a small hurt in their world.

Earlier, I had in mind thoughts of discussing my faults, how aspects of my reactions today indicated, once again, I have not ‘made it’. I got frustrated, not at a person, though persons may have felt the flare. But at my own lack of God’s answers in my life, frustrated that he seems to always answer the prayers of others, but mine fall on apparently deaf ears. They are not, I know from study and faith. But waiting makes them seem that way.

Well, even with all of that, it is nice to know the signs of the Spirit moving in and through. Usually, I step away from my computer in the evening, read and ‘gasp!’ watch TV. Tonight I felt pulled back, and pulled back to have a needed conversation, needed on both ends. I don’t know why really. So I feel thankful to God, not for specific answers, but for showing me that it is not rejection which shows, that I do hear and listen, and find him. It is timing, and waiting, and trusting. Those are the lessons. But he is with me. That I know. I am at his service, ready to go and do at a moment’s notice. That is what he asks of me for right now. My part is to respond. It feels nice when these things work out and I can see God’s hand in it all.

It is not dramatic, but it is a sign of God’s movement. My instincts are not perfect, they are getting better. And now the day is done, and for the time being so am I. I hope to get some nature in my life tomorrow. After tasks and headaches my soul needs worship and refreshment. We’ll see….