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Date: March 14, 2004


I returned home after a long and fun day, having greatly enjoyed the festivities and culture. I was able to interact with an Irish Wolfhound (my dog of choice should I get the chance in the future to have a space for a dog). Enjoyed hanging out, enjoyed the cultural experience, though I did miss hearing that Irish brogue. It was fun and very worthwhile.

Only I came back with a headache that had never really left. It got worse through the evening, piercing. I took out my contacts and went to bed very early. The day was fun, but once home it was done. All in all, worth it.

I say a simple prayer even with my aching head, thanking God, and asking for healing.


Dawn brings with it welcomed light. The birds sing and screech, a jay hops onto the rail for seed. The air is very dry. Throughout the night I woke up parched, my mouth drya, a headache. It is beautiful, howerver, so such a sacrifice I’ll make.

Today is a change of pace. To the Irish I go… well at least to the Irish Festival. Not quite boarding an Aer Lingus jet and being greeted by charming ‘cheers’ in a soft Irish voice. But, it’s what I can get. Heritage aside I felt more at home in Ireland than I have even in SoCal. There is a link of generations, a family that has long been on this side of the pond, but has somehow retained the flavoring of Ireland and Scotland. It’s a sense of humor, a way of thinking, a view of the world which values poetry and common sense — and, above all, beauty and truth.

I go with my brother and father, the Oden men.

Going on a day like today does not diminish the importance of the regular quest, the continuing journey to Christ, and through the virtues and vices. It only changes the atmosphere, bringing to light different challenges and opportunities. Such analysis is secondary to my enjoyment (for feasting and celebrating is a vital part of the Christian life), but it will be interesting.

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